Bulk insert is a special type of api for inserting large amount of data. It is much faster compared to insert api as it does not check and return any thing.

Few Points :-

  • Columns options like - AutoIncrement, default etc. wont work.
  • It does not guarantee that whole data has been inserted successfully or not.
  • You should use this api - when you have very large amount of data (thousands of data) and want to insert into indexedDB.
  • If you want to guarantee for successful of data insertion - then you should use insert with SkipDataCheck 'true'.
var value = {
    column1: value1
    column2: value2
    column3: value3
    columnN: valueN

    into: "TABLE_NAME",
    values: [value] //you can insert multiple values at a time
}).then(function() {
    alert('Successfully Added');
}).catch(function(error) {