A column in JsStore is a JSON object. It has following properties -

    name: string, // name of column (required)
    primaryKey: boolean, // declare this column as primary key (optional)
    // We strongly recommend to create the primary keys (optional)
    notNull: boolean, // ensure this column value should not be null (optional)
    dataType: JsStore.DATA_TYPE, // datatype of this column (optional)
    autoIncrement: boolean, // automatically increment value (optional)
    unique: boolean // This column will have unique value (optional)
    default: any, // Provides a default value for a column when none is specified (optional)
    multiEntry: boolean, // Provides support to search inside array values (optional)
    enableSearch: boolean - default value is true // Turn on/off search for this column (optional)
    keyPath : string[] - allows you to use multiple indexing // optional 

For all data types see this link - DataType

Column in jsstore can be created by two way -

  1. JSON object -
var column={
  1. Class Instance - This is way to create column in less amount of code.
var column=new JsStore.Column("column_name").options([COL_OPTION.AutoIncrement]).setDataType('datatype')
* 'options' - It takes array of column options : PrimaryKey, AutoIncrement, Unique, NotNull, MultiEntry and set the specified options as true.

     **Note :-** If supplied invalid value - option is ignored.

* 'setDataType' - It is used to set the data type of column.
* 'disableSearch' - It disables the search on the column.
* 'setDefault' - It is used to set the default value of column.