The main goal of jsstore is to make - indexedb easy to use, and taking advantages of indexeddb to create a web application easily and fastly. But it is only possible through a great and big community.

JsStore is present at -

  • Github - Stargaze and fork the jsstore. This is very important for an open source project.
  • Twitter - Follow us on twitter and get jsstore news and updates.
  • Medium - Follow us at Medium . You can also write an article about jsstore. e.g - how jsstore helped you, explaining a problem and how you solved it using jsstore, a demo, an example, using it in some framework like - vue,angular,react etc. You should also write in other community forum like - codeproject, dzone or your own blog etc.

    If you have written some tutorial, article or anything that you would like to know other people - please tweet to jsstore twitter account.
  • StackOverflow - You can ask question at StackOverflow adding tags indexeddb and we will hear you.
    Note:- If you have good score, then help us adding tag jsstore on stackoverflow. If you have added, then please tweet us to know.

You should also organise some techcamps or techtalks - which would give us idea about how to proceed next, what other features or improvements can be added.