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Map allows you to stores data in the key value format. The data is stored in a special table called - KeyStore.

You can think of it similar to localStorage which allows you to store only string data, but using Map you can store any type of data.

Some of use cases are -

  1. Storing user basic information as json
  2. Storing user profile picture

Map follows javascript Map api. So it also has same api -


Store the value for the passed key in the map store.

var userInfo = {
name: 'ujjwal gupta',
accountType: 'super_admin',
profilePic: Blob Object // i am not creating it.

connection.Map.set("user_info", userInfo).then(function() {
console.log('value setted');


Returns the value associated to the passed key, or undefined if there is none.

connection.Map.get("user_info").then(function(userInfo) {


Returns a boolean value indicating whether a value has been stored with the passed key in the Map store or not.

connection.Map.has("user_info").then(function(isExist) {


delete the value by key in the map store

await connection.Map.delete("user_info");