The Insert api is used to insert new records in a table.


(column1, column2, column3,...columnN)
(value1, value2, value3,...valueN);


var value = {
    column1: value1,
    column2: value2,
    column3: value3,
    columnN: valueN

var noOfRowsInserted = await connection.insert({
    into: "TABLE_NAME",
    values: [Value], //you can insert multiple values at a time
if (noOfRowsInserted > 0) {
    alert('Successfully Added');

Note :- You can also insert data for a column, which you have not defined in db schema. JsStore preserves the NoSql functionality of IndexedDb.



Upsert is used to replace the existing data otherwise insert as new record if does not exist. upsert is an option in jsstore insert query which is by default false.

e.g - Consider we have below record in a table "Customers"

    id:90, //primary key
    name:"ujjwal gupta",
    address:"Bengaluru India"

now we want to replace the whole data , so we will call insert api with option upsert.

var newData = {
    id:90, //primary key
    name:"some other name",
    address:"some other address"

var noOfRowsInserted = await connection.insert({
    into: "Customers",
    values: [newData], //you can insert multiple values at a time

Points to note :-

  • While using upsert - primary key should be same as old records otherwise new record will be created. IndexedDb uses primary key to identify existing record.

  • In a case where you want to update particular column, you should use update api. upsert replace the old record completely except primary key and add a new record.

insert api has following options -

  • into : string // table name

  • values: Array // values to insert

  • return?: Boolean // Return the inserted record. Default value is false.This is useful in case - you want the autoincrement column value.

  • skipDataCheck?: Boolean // Whether to check or not supplied data. Default value is false. If supplied true, this will directly insert data without checking any thing like datatype, auto increment etc. This is useful in case - where you want to insert huge record at a time.

  • upsert?: boolean; // Update data if exist otherwise insert