upsert is used to replace the existing data otherwise insert as new record if does not exist. upsert is an option in insert api.

e.g - Consider we have below record in a table "Customers"

    id:90, //primary key
    name:"ujjwal gupta",
    address:"Bengaluru India"

now we want to replace the whole data , so we will call insert api with option upsert.

var newData = {
    id:90, //primary key
    name:"some other name",
    address:"some other address"

var noOfRowsInserted = await connection.insert({
    into: "Customers",
    values: [newData], //you can insert multiple values at a time

Points to note :-

  • While using upsert - primary key should be same as old records otherwise new record will be created. IndexedDb uses primary key to identify existing record.

  • In a case where you want to update particular column, you should use update api. upsert replace the old record completely except primary key and add a new record.